Creation of an Infopoint for the Site Venice and its Lagoon at Forte Marghera

The project, started in May 2020, with the contribution of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture (Law 77/2006 - "Special measures for the protection and enjoyment of Italian sites of cultural, landscape and environmental interest, included in the World Heritage List, under the protection of UNESCO") provides for the creation of an InfoPoint dedicated to the communication and dissemination of information about the Exceptional Universal Value of the Site inside Forte Marghera. Through storytelling, thematic panels, videos and other communication activities it will be possible to promote a greater awareness of the meaning of the UNESCO designation of the site "Venice and its Lagoon" and of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In order to design the Infopoint we are studying current experiences in Italy and Europe, the goal is to make the InfoPoint a living space, which creates opportunities for meeting and participation, including educational activities in schools, promoting a sense of ownership and committment to the heritage.
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