Project “Sustainable tourism strategy” (funded by MiBACT Law 77/2006)

24 February 2017 Municipality of Venice

The Municipality of Venice has approved today in the Local Council the project “Sustainable Tourism Strategy of Venice and its Lagoon: management, mitigation, awareness”, financed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT), in accordance with the law 77/2006 addressed to support projects of the Management Plans of UNESCO Sites in Italy. The project has the objective to develop a sustainable tourism strategy for Venice that has to consist of a series of concrete instruments and actions to be implemented at a short-term and a long-term period. Kept in mind should also be the social, economic and ecologic dimensions of the sustainable development of the UNESCO Site “Venice and its Lagoon”, integrated with what the A.C. is already developing concerning the management of tourism. A further objective is that of confronting in an integrated manner the safeguarding and maintenance of the city, its heritage and the quality of life of its inhabitants by defining a series of concrete actions to mitigate the effects of the presence of human geography to the monuments and to the urban spaces, starting from some researches already developed together with the authorities in the framework of the Management Plan of the UNESCO Site. For the actualisation of the project forms of collaboration and consultation between public and private stakeholders (agencies, tour guides, cruise companies, other operators such as cultural and touristic businesses, etc.) is foreseen. The project is furthermore determined to make the community and the visitors more aware of the Outstanding Universal Value of the Site and of the specificity of Venice and its Lagoon and to promote the culture for respect and hospitality, educating for a sustainable and conscious tourism. The project foresees the involvement of the institutions of the Steering Committee of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Venice and its Lagoon”, of which the Municipality of Venice is head responsible. In particular the involvement of the other 8 municipalities situated within the UNESCO Site, to in the end develop a synergic strategy with a Metropolitan perspective that favours alternative tourism forms for Venice promoting more the resources of the lagoon and lighten the pressure for the Venice historical city centre in particular periods. In the end, this project will contribute to continuation of the honouring commitments regarding UNESCO on the themes of tourism management.