SiTi – Magazine about current affairs and cultural policy

Do you want to keep informed about major developments affecting UNESCO Sites? Now you can do it easily, thanks to SiTi , the magazine of the Heritage Association of World Heritage Sites. The magazine aims to sensitize readers to the objectives of protection and enhancement of the sites belonging to the prestigious list of World Heritage. While opening to a wide audience of readers, the magazine remains a reference point for "insiders", all those working in the cultural heritage, environmental, natural, artistic, architectural and urban planning.

The Heritage Association of Italian World Heritage Sites follows an intensive and organic activity on the promotion policies of UNESCO sites and the magazine is the instrument to implement this commitment. It brings to the attention of the public events related not only to the Italian sites, but also to international ones by publishing authorial interventions, interviews with prominent personalities, surveys, analysis, dossier, exemplary stories related to good practice or problems connected to the management of UNESCO heritage.

To facilitate the navigation of the web platform by visitors, the contents are organized into categories: places, facts, events in Italy and in the World; enhancement; protection; best practice. To give ample space to the beauty of the UNESCO sites, a large gallery of images and videos was provide. It is possible to share the contents through social channels which the magazine is integrated, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

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