Venice and its Lagoon UNESCO World Heritage

Archival Superintendence for Veneto

The Archival Superintendence for Veneto (SAVe) is a peripheral organ of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism, whose main action consists in surveying and safeguarding the archives of all public bodies (regions, provinces, municipalities, reclamation consortiums, chambers of commerce, universities, etc.) and private bodies (family archives, archives of people, political parties, businesses, trade union organizations, cultural institutes) declared to have cultural interest.

It carries out promotional activities that help enhance the value of the territory and collaborates with the Region of Veneto, the other territorial bodies and any other interested subjects, public or private.

Following the signing of the Act of Understanding in 2007, the Superintendence of Archives of Veneto became a member of the “Steering Committee” of the UNESCO Site “Venice and its Lagoon”. The Committee holds the following Institutional powers regarding the protection, enhancement and management of the Site’s assets: Preservation and protection of Veneto archives, of public bodies archives (Region, Provinces, Municipalities, Consortia, Chambers of Commerce, Universities, etc.) of private archives (family archives, individuals’ archives, political parties’ archives, companies’ archives, trade unions’ archives, cultural institutions’ archives) considered to be of cultural interest.

The projects of the Management Plan involving SAVe

  • VELARIA – Information network of archives

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