Venice and its Lagoon UNESCO World Heritage

Municipality of Quarto d’Altino

The Municipality of Quarto d’Altino covers an area of about 28 sq km, developing along the Sile river towards the Lagoon of Venice. This area was included in the UNESCO Site “Venice and its Lagoon” on the occasion of its establishment in 1987. Approximately 8,000 people are settled in this municipal area, which borders on the municipalities of Venice, Marcon, Musile di Piave, Roncade and Casale sul Sile, and includes three hamlets (Portegrandi, Altino, Le Crete) and as many districts (San Michele Vecchio, Trepalade and Tresse).
Approximately 70% of the municipal area is protected and subject to constraint. The archaeological site of Altino, the Park of the Sile river, the Naturalistic Oasis of Trepalade and the Venetian Lagoon are amongst the main sites preserved in their natural and landscape integrity.
Following the signing of the Act of Understanding in 2007, The Municipality of Quarto d’Altino became a member of the “Steering Committee” of the UNESCO Site “Venice and its Lagoon”. The Committee holds the following Institutional powers regarding the protection, enhancement and management of the Site’s assets: managing the territories, urban planning, conservation and requalification of buildings for residential use, for social and cultural activities, for production, craft and trade – essential to the conservation of the socio-economic characteristics of the lagoon urban settlements – economic planning, construction of primary infrastructure works, landscaping and environmental protection, enhancement and promotion of tourism

Main attractions:

National Archaeological Museum and archaeological site of Altino

In Roman times, Altino, which together with Torcello is considered to have been the origin of Venice, was an important trading centre thanks to its location on the Venetian Lagoon and the proximity of strategic routes such as the Via Annia and the Via Claudia Augusta. In the vast archaeological area and the adjacent museum evidence of the wealth of the city, which had more than 30,000 inhabitants, may be admired.

Regional Natural Park of the Sile River

The Park, which follows the entire course of the longest Italian resurgence river, covers an area of 4,152 hectares, enclosed within 11 different municipal territories under the provinces of Padua, Treviso and Venice.

Naturalistic oasis of Trepalade

The oasis, part of the Park of the Sile River, has long been subject to constraint of Environmental Heritage. This has allowed the growth of spontaneous lush vegetation covering the banks of the old quarries, turning the place into one of the few remaining representations of the Venetian countryside of past times. Small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds live and breed under the most complete protection.

Verdon bean

This legume, an ancient product with valuable nutritional properties, has been retrieved thanks to the efforts of local farmers. This bean’s value was further recognized when it was included in the network of the Food Communities of Terra Madre.

The projects of the Management Plan involving  Quarto d’Altino
  • Protection and enhancement of rural arquitecture: Taglio del Sile
  • Cycle route CONCA of Portegrandi - Caposile
  • Camper Resort Altino
  • Creation of a reception point - itinerary Torcello / Altino
  • Network receptin points and Belvedere in the floodplain of the River Sile and Porte Grandi
  • A guide to the Venetian hinterland
  • Web Site on Quarto d'Altino as tourist destination
  • Welcome card
  • Festival of cultural events in the archaeological area
  • "World Heritage Site" promotion day
  • Competition "Il Museo che verrà"
  • Creation and application of "QR" codes for places of interest in Municipality of Quarto d'Altino
UNESCO Itineraries in the Municipality of Quarto d’Altino Other links of interest: The website of the Municipality of Quarto d’Altino; Altinum Welcome Card
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