Venice and its Lagoon UNESCO World Heritage

Veneto Archeology Superintendence

Then Veneto Archeology Superintendence is a peripheral body of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, whose main action consists in safeguarding and promoting the archeological heritage of Veneto.

Following the signing of the Act of Understanding in 2007, the Veneto Archeology Superintendence became a member of the “Steering Committee” of the UNESCO Site “Venice and its Lagoon”. The Committee holds the following Institutional powers regarding the protection, enhancement and management of the Site’s assets: protection and enhancement of archaeological treasures (movable and immovable, on land and submerged) of Veneto Region, also by controlling public and private projects’ activities; management of national archaeological museums and of archaeological sites of the Veneto Region.

The projects of the Management Plan involving the Veneto Archeology Superintendence

  • SLS Underwater lagoon sites Plan of environmental restrictions and management
  • Enhancement of the archaeological area of Altino
  • Park and archaelogical museum in the “Le Mura” area
  • Setting up of an archaeological and ethnographic museum in Lova – building of former elementary school
  • Excavations in the church of Lugo
  • Virtual Altino: from remote sensing to 3D reconstruction

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Veneto Archeology Superintendence web site

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