Venice and its Lagoon UNESCO World Heritage

Veneto Region

The Veneto Region, located in North-Eastern Italy, is an ordinary statute region with a population of 4,928,092. Venice is the historical capital city and the government administrative center of the region.

Following the signing of the Act of Understanding in 2007, The Veneto Region became a member of the “Steering Committee” of the UNESCO Site “Venice and its Lagoon”. The Committee holds the following Institutional powers regarding the protection, enhancement and management of the Site’s assets: programming and coordinating activities concerning economy, territoryenvironment, tourism, transports, sustainable mobility and navigationculture, residential housing, employment.

The projects of the Management Plan involving the Veneto Region are:

  • Fusina Integrated Project (PIF)
  • Maintenance & enhancement of the historical connection networks between Venice and its hinterland (waterways)
  • Feasibility study for the creation of a system of slow mobility network for the access to the Site and navigable rivers
  • Diversified proposals of visits to encourage a more complex appreciation of the Site
  • Venice Connected extended to the lagoon
  • Construction of a cycle route along the canals (from Mirano to Lova, from Lova to Rosara as far as the Chioggia fish-farms)

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