Visualizing Water Worlds

30th june – 31st  october 2015 Arsenale di Venezia, Tesa 105 Castello - 30122 Venezia Free admission

“Visualizing Water Worlds” is an exhibition itinerary created within the framework of Venice to Expo 2015 promoted by the City of Venice and the Water Civilizations International Center, with the participation of the UNESCO Venice Office and in partnership with Vela s.p.a. and Through Waters.

Its purpose is to increase awareness about the serious cases of pollution and water scarcity occurring in different areas of the planet, stressing the importance of a good water governance to ensure a proper level of sustainability. Among the works exhibited, we would like to mention Maria Cristina Finucci's installation, belonging to the “The Garbage Patch State series, denouncing sea pollution and the particular phenomenon of trash islands in the oceans worldwide. Paolo Scoppola will present “Aqua Boll”, an interactive video-art installation that allows visitors to interact with the “liquid shapes” created by the movement of their own body in an amusing way. The "Water Worlds" section will present some videos made in collaboration with Cornell University NY, Eulabor Institute, the Tribunal de Valencia Agua and other partners on the issues of water scarcity in the Mediterranean, the protection of marine life and the water wars. The exhibition "Visualizing Water Worlds" starts the process of a project aimed to form the Water Museum of Venice, and stands as a continuation of the exhibition project "Exploring the Venice Lagoon", interactive space designed to raise awareness of places and values of UNESCO Site "Venice and its Lagoon" realized by the Office of the World Heritage Site of the City of Venice and the Centro Internazionale Civiltà dell’Acqua, with the participation of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe.

For further infomation: Web site of  Venice to Expo Web Site of Centro Civiltà dell'Acqua Web Site of the Arsenal Office