World Tourism Expo 2016

23-25 September 2016 Padua, Palazzo della Ragione

In Padua, from September 23rd to 25th 2016, will be held, the seventh edition of WTE, the World Tourism Expo, an event reserved to UNESCO World Heritage cities and sites. The event will be placed at the beautiful Palazzo della Ragione.

The objective of the three days is to offer a practical show to communicate and present the beauties of World Heritage sites and cities, in order to create new tourist routes which integrate the latter to traditional tours; a real meeting point between the world of culture and the economy.

Few people are aware that Italy is the country that detains the largest number of World Heritage sites, but this is not automatically a guarantee of an abundant flow of tourists. To capture this great opportunity benefits in business terms, we need to find the strength to diffusely disclose their assets. From these considerations was born the idea, in 2009, to realize the WTE, a tool to capitalize on the communication potential offerered by Cultural Heritage, offering new economic resources also useful for the preservation of cultural and environmental heritage. The event was conceived and organized by the CML Consulting, in collaboration with, among others, MiBACT, FAI, the City and the Chamber of Commerce of Padua. The numbers of the sixth edition help to understand the importance of this event: over 20,000 visitors, 126 UNESCO cities and sites from all around the world, more than 90 Tours operator, journalist and bloggers.

During the event there will be meetings and events with experts, operators and researchers in the field of cultural heritage. Significant the prestigious award about the Italian Responsible Tourism 2016 "Cristina Ambrosini" (TRI), which will be held Saturday 24th at the Palazzo della Ragione. The award is addressed to companies and tourism professionals who, through their work, are promoting a tourism culture of responsibility and sustainability. On the same day we will also be awarded the winners of the Prize UNESCO Culture Tourism 2016 "Cristina Ambrosini" (TCU).

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